December 1, 2012

Plum puddings were very popular dessert to finish off a lovely Christmas Dinner.  This recipe appeared in the Oshawa Vindicator in 1860.

Plum Pudding Oshawa Vindicator; Wednesday Jan, 11, 1860

English Plum Pudding – Mrs. Wagstaff – 1 lb of sultana raisins, 1 lb dried currants, 1 lb suet chopped fine, 1 lb flour, 1 lb bread crumbs, a little pounded spice, 1 oz candied lemon peel, orange, or citron, 1 nutmeg, grated, ¼ lb sugar.  Mix all together, rubbing it well with the hand; then add eight eggs well beaten, ½ pint new milk, stir up well with a wooden spoon, be careful not to wet, put it in mold or cloth, and boil four hours; serve with wine sauce. [An English friend at our elbow says, it should be allowed to cool, and afterwards, say in a day or two, boiled six hours again, using a cloth always, not a mold.  His mother used to make it at home, and he knows it was good. –Ed. Scientific American


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