December 9, 2013

 December of 1865 

In December of 1865, the month was introduced as the skating season. Many ads would fill the papers advertising a new skating rink and skates for sale.

In the 1860s costs for the ladies differed from the costs for men, so throughout this time period an ice skating ticket for the ladies would be $1.50 where the cost for a gentleman would be $2.00.

During the earlier days of December many companies like Wood and Brothers, would gear their products towards ice skaters using headlines such as “prepare for the skating season”. As time carried on the advertisements would slowly change from using skating as a headline, to using Christmas as a headline, which usually began around December 12th.

In December of 1865 prices began to slightly increase. Fall and winter cloths which were once sold in 1864 for 95 cents per yard were now being sold for up to $ 1.00 per yard. Things in the year of 1865 had to some extent changed


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