December 12, 2013

   Coca-Cola Santa Claus

The Coca‑Cola Santa Claus, created by artist Haddon Sundblom, is famous throughout the world and helped to define the look and personality of the modern Father Christmas.  Between 1931 and 1964, Sundblom’s art popularized the image of the jolly, bearded man we know and love.

In 1931 the Coca‑Cola Company commissioned Haddon Sundblom to create Santa Claus artwork for their advertising. The first image of Santa created by Sundblom, appeared in adverts for Coca‑Cola during December 1931.

The Coca‑Cola Company decided to create adverts associating Christmas and Santa Claus with the drink because people often thought of Coca‑Cola as a summer beverage. So, the iconic Coke Santa was designed to remind people that Coca‑Cola could be drunk all year round!

Advertising that showed people leaving out a bottle of Coca‑Cola for Santa on Christmas Eve actually inspired many families to do so – a tradition that, for some, continues today.

A Coca‑Cola Santa Claus artwork, from 1953, features one of the longest-lasting slogans in Coke history: The pause that refreshes, first introduced in 1929.

Haddon Sundblom painted his final image of Santa Claus for Coca‑Cola in 1964. The dog in this image was based on the grey poodle belonging to the neighbourhood florist – but Sundblom gave the animal black fur, instead, to make it stand out against the festive background.

Sundblom’s version of St Nicholas is still used to this day in Coke Christmas adverts, on Coca‑Cola packaging and for other marketing materials. His image of a jolly, kind old man with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes remains the most popularly-held vision of Santa around the world today.

Not only are Sundblom’s pictures irreplacable, but through Coca‑Cola advertising seeing them has become a fixture of the holiday season – almost as anticipated as a visit from Santa himself!

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