December 17, 2013

Gingerbread, a Christmas treat!

Europeans celebrated special occasions, such as Christmas with the popular ingredient ginger. For centuries they would make many goods such as gingerbread. From earlier association with medieval fairs, gingerbread evolved into a favourite Christmas treat. At the close of the eleventh century gingerbread flourished throughout northern Europe. Gingerbread sellers delighted in decorating their creations both by cutting them into exquisitely detailed shapes and by adding fancy embellishments. German cooks often cut their gingerbread into gingerbread men and houses which they baked, cooled and decorated. Sometimes the gingerbread men were made not only serve as a Christmas treat but also as a temporary Christmas ornament.

Fun Fact:  The traditional German gingerbread house plays a prominent role in the famous German fairy tale, “Hansel and gretel.”


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