December 16, 2015

Letters to Santa Claus

Children wishing to write to Santa know to send the letters to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, his official mailing address, according to Canada Post.

However, in 1898, there seemed to be some confusion, but Canada Post made sure letters were delivered!

From the Evening Star, Saturday, December 17, 1898

A new element, that is, new for the present season, has just made its appearance in the postal service – a stream of correspondence to Santa Claus.  A very genial gentleman at the Toronto Post Office acts as a representative of the much adored Santa Claus, and to him the missives are taken daily, an no doubt they reach their intended destination.  The correspondence is not heavy enough to require the Post Master General, Mr. Mulock, to put on a special Santa Claus Staff, but the ardent youngsters of numerous Toronto homes give living evidence of their abiding faith in the Christmas eve visitant to indite their hopes and wishes to Father Christmas, and to confide their missives to the Canadian branch of Her Majesty’s postal department.

Curiously enough many of the letters are addressed to Santa Clause, Union Station, Toronto. Apparently  the children expect that he will come in modern style by train and receive his mail on his arrival there.  In the United States it is said that letters addressed to Santa Claus are not delivered, but are ruthlessly sent to the dead letter office.  I am able to give Toronto correspondents of Santa Claus the most positive assurance that such is not the course of the Canadian postal officials, who, on the contrary, deliver them in the liveliest  fashion.  The children not only have too much faith in the prerogatives of Santa Claus to register their letters, but they have the curious idea that letters with many old stamps will carry his letters; many even show that they assume that his letters travel free as they are not stamped at all.  Some of the writers either through over-anxiety, or a change of desire, write several letters to the old Saint.

While the letters are carefully addressed to the chosen abode of Santa Claus, they seldom bear the address of the sender.

If you write a letter to Santa today, be sure to include your return address so that Santa can write back to you!  Like in 1898, you do not need postage to send your letter along.

From Canada Post:

All letters to Santa should be mailed before December 16 to give Santa enough time to send a letter back. Postage is not required for letters to Santa – but encouraging proper addressing is a good learning experience for all. Santa’s address is:

Santa Claus
North Pole
Canada HOH OHO


So hurry and send those letters!

From the Oshawa Community Archives Collection

From the Oshawa Community Archives Collection




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