December 7, 2016

From the Ontario Reformer, December 7, 1922

Santa Claus as a Commercial Factor

Santa Claus has become the world’s greatest commercial factor. More business is transacted in connection with the Christmas season than in all the other seasons combined.

To supply the wants of this friend of mankind, factory wheels turn day and night through the year. Armies of men toil long hours. Trains bear carloads of Christmas supplies. Ships are chartered to scour the seven seas for suitable gifts.  The traffic routes of the world are re-made in order to bring gifts to the yuletide tree….

Christmas time started out as a children’s day with Christmas trees, the giving of toys, candies, fruits, and other good things to the little fold.  It has spread to include the whole family and almost the whole of humanity. At Christmas time, hundreds of millions of dollars are spend in jewelry, perfumes, toilet articles, silverware, pianos, Victrolas, furniture, clothing, furs, automobiles, and almost every article manufactured for man.

Months in advance commercial travellers start out on the road selling supplies for Christmas time.  Factories are speeded up to take care of the requirements of Santa Claus, indeed the whole machinery of the universe is keyed up to take care of the requirements of the ruddy faced gentleman with the white whiskers and scarlet coat who brings joy to the hearts of humanity.  Santa Claus is the world’s greatest commercial factor.  Christmas more than any other season has left its impress upon the commerce of the world.


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